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DelMarVa Depression Glass Club

A Work of Art From the Great Depression Era

Be fascinated with the 20th century American glassware from the Great Depression era. DelMarVa Depression Glass Club in Maryland hosts events and glass shows for anyone interested, including beginner collectors and dealers.

Visit the Events page for participating dealers.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a venue for collectors and researchers of American glass, primarily of the Great Depression era, where they can impart knowledge about their glass collection and interests. Moreover, we will encourage them to share general information about their glassware’s manufacture, form, marketing, and availability.

Depression Glassware: What Makes It Special

Learning to live on little to nothing was the biggest struggle of families during the Great Depression era, 1920’s - 1930's . Manufacturers started to create products that are affordable for the less fortunate. One of these is the Depression glass.

This mass-produced glass was designed with intricate patterns and vivid colors. They’re also often given to theaters, stores, and gas stations with some packed goods in them.

During those times, Depression glass provides hope and encouragement to the American people that there will be better times ahead.

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       Fenton, Robert Barber Collection, 1975